Formal queen reception


Military parade for receiving The Queen: $15.000
New robe and hat: $4.850
Sitting next seat to The Queen: picking up soap for chief
Having your dong hang out under your uniform
skirt which may arouse The Queen when she
sees this pic:

Pamela Anderson’s tit falling out

Pamela Anderson has her tit falling out of her nice red dress

Plastic surgery to supersize your tits: $18,950
Blonde hair dye: $78.95
Nice Valentino dress from newest spring collection: $8,450
Showing the whole world your nipple after your big manipulatet tit jumps out of the cleavage, because your breasts are simply to big for it:

Miss Venezuela losing bikini

Miss Venezuela losing her bikini during a show

Applying to become a contestant for Miss Venezuela pageant: $0
Getting help from a professional to assist with your speech: $750
Paying a fashion designer to create a nice bikini for you: $4500
Nice see-thru green veil to put around your lower-half body: $31
Accidentally untying the wrong knot during the live telecast in prime-time for the whole nation to see your bikini and veil fall off completely:

Kate Moss nipple jumping out


Earnings in 2002 as a Model: $5.9 Million
Being the third top supermodel on the internet for the year 2001: $0
New designer black dress for the big European Models Awards Night: $2035
New designer hairdo: $200
Having the nice habbit of never wearing a bra for a big night: $0
Showing the whole world and the Kate Moss loving visitors your nice splendid nipples for free:

Paris Hilton 02 – Hand in bikini


New Victoria’s Sectet bikini: $490
New Gucci sunglasses: $349
Feeling unobserved on the beach: no comment
Scratching your shaved beaver and having a photographer beeing at the right place at the right time to capture this moment: