Happy New Year!



Beer from Keg: $0
Shots of Vodka: $0
Money spent on condoms: $0
Snapping off a picture of some chick loosing her virginity to some random guy in your guest room on New Years Eve: Priceless

Dancing with a boner



Plane tickets to New Orleans: $240
7 day cruise: $800
The big unit pitching a tent on the ship’s dance floor: priceless

Hand and mouth skills



Wedding dress: $5oo
Wedding ring: $999
Sexy lingerie for the night in question: $210
Being caught by your brother while practicing some hand and mouth skills before your big honeymoon: priceless

Party Emo’s



A Truckload of white make-up: $18.00
Some purple hair dye: $12.00
Black clothing: $40.00
Prescription of Antidepressants: $28.00
Realising that you all have severe personality disorders: priceless

Cake blowjob



Your 40th birthday: no comment

Hats, napkins and plates: $20

All your friends giving you surprise party: no comment

Getting your picture “Going down” on your cake on the internet: priceless



Too many hands




Barcrawl with your girlfriend and her sister: $99.00

Bringing your new camera along: no comment

Being in the mood for saving the moment: no comment

Developing the pictures and finding a pair too many hands on the tits of the girls: Priceless