Stupid driver – of course a woman



New Mini Cooper S: $32,495
Car insurance: per year $3,000
Gasoline: $35
New boots and khaki leg gins: $125
Being a woman and not knowing how to refuel the car, forgetting to remove the hose: priceless

Stupid Awesome Tattoo is Awsome



Thinking of getting a tattoo: years
Having a friend making a draft: great
Being so stupid and not having listened to your teacher who was teaching you propper spelling: priceless

Stupid having a bottle in the ass



A week stay at popular nudist camp: $600
A bottle of Coke: $1.60
Forgetting that you left it on your seat before sitting down: priceless


Of course, you left it on your seat when sitting down. Every year hundreds of people get consigned into hospital with toys and things in their anus. But they don’t admit they did it on purpose, they usualy tell they slipped and fell on them. Usually it is bottles, shampoo bottles, candles and other things formed like a penis.

Stupid naked in the mirror



Digital camera: $299
Picture of dining room set for listing on eBay: included
Forgetting about your reflection in the mirror and having your tiny SCHLONG displayed on eBay: priceless

Female head police car



Patrol car: $48,500
Cell phone: $149
Manequin head: $39
Driving around all night with a female head on top of your police car: priceless

Stupid at work 03


1 bucket of road color: $125

15 meters of tape: $39.95

being to stupid to align the letters on the road in correct order before they get sprayed and writing BMUP instead of BUMP: PRICELESS

Stupid at work 02



1 bucket of white road color: $125
1 week of training for roadworks: $480
beeing as stupid as a five year old child and write SOTP instead of STOP:

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Stupid driver 08

A stupid driver centering his truck

GMC Sierra Z1: $33,000
Ticket to the SAMSUNG 500: $100
Beer and Souvenirs: $85
High-centering your truck trying to cut in line in the parking lot:

Stupid driver 07 – its a woman…

Stupid woman driving her hell-expensive car nearly into the sea

Cheap looking H&M outfit: $75
Hair dye to be blonde: $29
Finding a stupid boyfriend who makes you a 4 wheeled gift: spreading legs
Beeing the most stupid driver in the harbour and mixing up break with gas:

Stupid boyfriend

Stupid boyfriend watching some other girls ass while dancing with his girlfriend

Plane tickets to Detroit for the Super Bowl: $375
Tickets to the Penthouse Party: $1,250
You getting caught staring at another girls ass while dancing with your girlfriend:

Stupid at work 01

Stupid workers painting wrong letter on the street

1 x day wages: $67.37
1 x tin of paint: $29.99
Realising that you are too stupid and you should have stayed in SCHOOL:

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Stupid workers load digger at truck

Excavator for local street construction set: $18.795
Volvo Truck for carrying the digger: $45.950
Ramp for load excavator onto the truck: $745
Forgetting it: stupid and no comment
Giving the observers of the road work an incredible view of loading the on the truck:

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Stupid VW Golf GTI presentation at Woerthersee Austria

Graduation at secondary school: free
Spending time with friends and not learning for exams: no comment
Job at McDonalds where you clean the tables: little earnings
Investing all your earned money in your stupid VW Golf GTI: $98,375.00
Realising that you should have learned better english than investing time and money in your car: no comment
Not beeing able to present your car facts to some foreign tv show reporter and blaming yourself:

PS: sorry for that, but it’s not a VW Golf GTi, but a VW Corrado

Blowjob after night out

Night out on the town: $75
Getting the nerve to ask such a question: $12 bottle of wine
Actually using a line like that: another $12 bottle of wine
Having a girlfriend who’s father has a sense of humor:

Stupid driver 06

Stupid driver parking his BMW in front of a fire hydrant

1 x Shiny BMW: $39,990
1 x Parking ticket: $75
2 x New BMW windows: $587
Realising that you really shouldn’t have parked in front of that fire hydrant after all:

Stupid Microsoft presentation

Microsoft presentation done with an Apple MacBook Pro

Powerpoint license: $99
Video projector: $499
booking hall for 250 people for business leadership conference: $7,985
forgot to cover apple logo on new macbook which is showing the powerpoint presentation:

Stupid driver 04

Stupid driver sinking his Viper

Brand new Viper: $140,000
15 beers at the local bar: $45
Driving drunk and rolling your brand new Viper in a marsh:

Stupid driver 02

Stupid driver revealing history

Starting a delivery firm and naming it “Titanic”: no comment
Astro Van 1989 with 1 billion miles on the clock: $999.95
Discount paint job: $99.95
Making a delivery down the docs: no comment
History repeats itself:

Stupid driver 01

Stupid driver having a crash

2 months of drive lessons: $250
new pair of glasses: $180
spending all the money on the lessons and not the glasses: