Stupid sliding accident on the beach

Tickets to spain: $495
Holtel room for one week: $348
Bodyboard in a local “here-you-can-buy-everything”-store:$9.95
Trying to slide into the water on your new bought bodyboard like the little kids do but nearly breaking your neck on that stunt:

Drunk on the beach

Guy completely passed out drunk on the beach

A few beers in the sun: $12.00
A big lunch: $28.00
Bottle of sun block. $3.99
Remembering what your mum aid about swimming right after eating as your mates drag you out of the water:

Siksna uz pludmali 01

Man lying on the beach in a thong

Lidojums uz Miami: 220 dolāru
Hotel on South Beach: 225 dolāru par nakti
coppertone 30: 10 dolāru
Redzot vietējie karājas ārā int kauna “South Beach siksna”:

ir dažas lietas, kas naudu nevar nopirkt… un citi jūs nekad vēlaties