No panty at cafe



Cup of coffee in the local cafe: $5
Hair extensions, braids and beads: $35
Opening your legs a bit too far without your panties on: priceless

Drunk and passed out 01

Drunk guy passed out on the street waking up below a girl

12 packs of Budweiser: $6.89
One pint of Cuevo Gold: $7.29
3 joints: Free
Passing out and waking up believing you’ve died and gone to heaven:

First place at All-You-Can-Eat

Three ugly fat women winning in an All-You-Can-Eat contest

Tickets to Las Vegas: $250 each
Hotel Accomodation: $599 each
Competition Entry. $100 each
Taking out first place in the All-You-Can-Eat competition:

Ugly in ball dress

Girl dressed up in a ball dress but still looking ugly

New ball dress: $300.00
Make up artist: $100.00
New hair-do: $90.00
Trying so hard to look attractive and failing miserably because you are a festy bitch: