Ugly in ball dress

Girl dressed up in a ball dress but still looking ugly

New ball dress: $300.00
Make up artist: $100.00
New hair-do: $90.00
Trying so hard to look attractive and failing miserably because you are a festy bitch:

No panty at Wendys

Woman eating at Wendys spreading her legs showing that she is not wearing pantys under her skirt

Quick trip to Wendys: no comment
Burger, frys, soda: $4
Cute “School girl” outfit: $100
Showing something else that is served “Hot and Juicy” at Wendys:

No panty in school

Girl sitting in school without panties

Tuition for the year: $1812.39
Books and supplies: $534.28
Cute short skirt at “The Gap”: $27.50
Panties: $0
A++ from horny teacher:

Schoolgirl and Sailor

Sailor picks up a schoolgirl

School girl uniform and wig: $30
Blundstone work shoes: $80
5 Copper’s Sparkling Ale Longnecks: $23
Having your picture taken while being “picked-up” by a good-looking sailor and showing your arse crack, your flesh-coloured (sequined) G-String, and half your ball-bag: