Happy New Year!



Beer from Keg: $0
Shots of Vodka: $0
Money spent on condoms: $0
Snapping off a picture of some chick loosing her virginity to some random guy in your guest room on New Years Eve: Priceless

Sex on the beach 03

Couple having sex on the beach in Thailand

Plane ticket from france to Thailand: $400
Entry to Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan: FREE
Bucket of Thai Sang Sum whiskey: $3
Getting chewed out on a crowded beach in broad daylight:

Sex on the beach 02

Couple having sex on the beach while beeing caught by a reporter

Plane tickets to Maui: $740.00
Condo on private beach: $1,200.00
Chateau LeFleur wine: $115.00
Thinking you’re alone while some asshole flying a news helicopter hits you with his spotlight as he’s doing a live feature story about sea turtles mating at night: