Bil påkörd av rådjur

Deer hit by a car and beeing stuck in the engine

Kvalitetstid med familjen: $0
Bränsle för resan: $78
Mat, drycker & andra förnödenheter: $120
Lär dina barn att det är okej att inte ge ett skit om det lokala djurlivet:

Dum drivrutin 04

Stupid driver sinking his Viper

Brand new Viper: $140,000
15 beers at the local bar: $45
Driving drunk and rolling your brand new Viper in a marsh:

Dum drivrutin 03

Stupid driver crashing into another car

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Showing off for your friends: $0
Being a retard:

Dum drivrutin 02

Stupid driver revealing history

Starting a delivery firm and naming it “Titanic”: Ingen kommentar
Astro Van 1989 with 1 billion miles on the clock: $999.95
Discount paint job: $99.95
Making a delivery down the docs: Ingen kommentar
History repeats itself: