Drunk and pissed pants



Green Shirt: $2.99
Bushy beard trim: $3.50
Bottle of cheap booze: $5.99
Picture of you drinking yourself to sleep and wetting yourself all over the internet: priceless

Drunk being decorated 01



6 pack of Miller Lite: $5
6 pack of Bud: $5
Seven Eleven hot dog: $2
Gap Khakis with Perry Ellis Belt: $65
Passed out drunk with a freakin’ banana between your legs: priceless

Drunk and passed out 01

Drunk guy passed out on the street waking up below a girl

12 packs of Budweiser: $6.89
One pint of Cuevo Gold: $7.29
3 joints: Free
Passing out and waking up believing you’ve died and gone to heaven:

Drunk at disco 02

Naked woman showing her tities

Miss wet & wild election: $0
1 hidden camera: $10
Free drinks for the winner and your titties on the internet:

Drunk at disco 01

Drunk woman in the disco

Two pre-party sixpacks BW at home: $5,95
Cover charge: $5,00
Three Party-Pills from bouncher: $10,00
Dropped the last pill on the floor, now showing your cheeks while picking it up:

Drunk at bar 03

Woman drunk crawling at the bar

New shoes: $45
Nights worth of beers: $60
Getting so waisted you take your pants off and crawl around on the bar:

Drunk at bar 02

Woman drunk in a bar with her titts hanging out

Hubby letting you go out with the girls: FREE
Hot Party Dress: $140
Vicky Secrets Push up bra: $40
Getting so drunk you heave ho over the edge of the bar with your tits hanging out:

Drunk at the bar 01

Man drunk at the bar

Driving to Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium: $5
Ten beers: $10
Falling asleep and having friends building a pyramid on the head and sending pictures on the web:

Drunk and asleep on street 01

Drunk woman lying on the street

Night out with the gang: $30
Rounds of $1,99 Shooter Specials: $40
Self experiment with the Date Rape drug Rohypnol: $10
Forgetting that you’re piss drunk lying spread eagle on the sidewalk in front of the bar, and not in bed with lover:

Drunk and caught having sex 02

Drunk couple having sex on the driveway

12 beers at PB block party: $56
a PB streetwalker (hocker): $40
a pair of dope glasses: $13
That burning/itchy sensation that won’t go away after laying pipe to a girl on a driveway with your friends watching: