Jogging naked




Work Boots: $75
Baseball cap: $7.50
Drinking enough beer to strip naked and run through town for a jacket: $50.00
Your workmates taking photos and putting them on the internet: Priceless

Cycling accident

Guy having a cycling accident

Professional Racing Bike: $4.000
Safety Helmet: $120
Pair of Specialised Bike Shoes: $300
Having Bike Shorts that split half way through a race giving you a severe chaff:

Being bored while Raiders lose game

Two fans sitting bored in the stadium while their team loses the game

Two tickets to Super Bowl XXXVII: $4,000.00
Authentic game jersey: $125
a box of Cracker Jack: $5.00
Halloween costume: found in garbage can

Getting caught reading the little surprise in the box while trying to pass the time, while your team is getting their ASSES kicked all up and down Qualcomm in front of the whole world to see:

Cheerleader 04 – Kicking Leg

Dancing cheerleader kicking her leg high

Becoming Head Cheerleader: 4 years training
Cheer Leader Costume: $67.95
Pom-Poms: $15 each
White Sports Shoes: $95
Kicking your leg and showing the team your unshaven Meat-Curtains:

Cheerleader 02 – pyramid

Cheerleader pyramid

XFL television network contract: $50,000,000
Player salaries for one year plus bonus: $100,000
Cheerleader salaries for one year plus bonus: $1,000
Because of lousy ratings, the first budget cuts made are deleting all of the cheerleader uniforms: