Formal queen reception


Military parade for receiving The Queen: $15.000
New robe and hat: $4.850
Sitting next seat to The Queen: picking up soap for chief
Having your dong hang out under your uniform
skirt which may arouse The Queen when she
sees this pic:

Spectator on the beach

Spectator wanking while looking at a topless woman on the beach

Vacation in Belize with your friends: $695
Cobalt blue thong that doesn’t quite cover your untrimmed beaver: $25
SPF #8 tanning oil: $8
Pic of you asleep on the beach, helping some horny old bastard rediscover the meaning of life while your friends are off swimming:

Dog photographed naked

Man photographing his dog naked and showing his penis in the reflection of the window

Digital camera: $299
Taking a pic of your dog: Included
Forgetting you aren’t wearing your shorts and getting the reflection of your schlong in the window:

Sex on the beach 02

Couple having sex on the beach while beeing caught by a reporter

Plane tickets to Maui: $740.00
Condo on private beach: $1,200.00
Chateau LeFleur wine: $115.00
Thinking you’re alone while some asshole flying a news helicopter hits you with his spotlight as he’s doing a live feature story about sea turtles mating at night: