Showing tits and have to leave bar



Spring break vacation: $400
Admission to local club: free
Lots of drinks: $20
Doing a strip on the bar: no comment
Tossing your shirt to the crowd not getting it back: no comment
Having to leave the bar with your tits hanging out: priceless

Naked at bar 03

Three women standing naked in a bar

Business-trip to Seattle: no comment
Cab to the redlight district: $8.50
Browsing around with your digital camera: no comment
Taking a picture while three ladies of the right show their valuable goods:

Naked at bar 02

Drunk woman naked at bar

Weekend trip to mountains: $300
Small hole-in-the-wall bar: no comment
Digital Camera: $400
Enough drinks to get your girlfriend drunk: $40
Getting a great smile as she strips and the locals at the bar miss the show: