Treadmill Fail

Being spotted by the camera in the background of an interview not looking at the treadmill, stepping on the turned on treadmill and falling like a soccer player diving without being hit at the football world cup in brazil: priceless

Stupid Awesome Tattoo is Awsome



Thinking of getting a tattoo: years
Having a friend making a draft: great
Being so stupid and not having listened to your teacher who was teaching you propper spelling: priceless

Stupid having a bottle in the ass



A week stay at popular nudist camp: $600
A bottle of Coke: $1.60
Forgetting that you left it on your seat before sitting down: priceless


Of course, you left it on your seat when sitting down. Every year hundreds of people get consigned into hospital with toys and things in their anus. But they don’t admit they did it on purpose, they usualy tell they slipped and fell on them. Usually it is bottles, shampoo bottles, candles and other things formed like a penis.