Bad cat



Cat nip: $3.50
Meow mix: $2.95
Vet bill: $95.00
Having the camera ready when fluffy comes home from being neutered: priceless

Car hit by deer

Deer hit by a car and beeing stuck in the engine

Quality time with the family: $0
Fuel for the trip: $78
Food, drinks & other supplies: $120
Teaching your kids it is okay to not give a fuck about the local wildlife:

Kangaroo fight

Cameraman getting hit by a huge kangaroo

One roll of 35mm film: $4,-
One professional 35mm camera: $350,-
Someone using their camera to caputre this guy getting plowed:

Dog photographed naked

Man photographing his dog naked and showing his penis in the reflection of the window

Digital camera: $299
Taking a pic of your dog: Included
Forgetting you aren’t wearing your shorts and getting the reflection of your schlong in the window: