Drunk naked on the street



Getting drunk with your girl friends: free
Four sixpacks of beers: $20
Five shots of puerto rican rum: $10
Your drunk girl friend taking all your clothes off and showing this picture to the world: priceless

Naked ex girlfriend

Naked ex girlfriend in her bedroom showing bare ass

Time spent: 1 1/2 years
Money wasted: $3.000 +
Keeping this pic for future exposure: free
Showing ex bare ass naked on Internet: PRICELESS

Naked at bar 03

Three women standing naked in a bar

Business-trip to Seattle: no comment
Cab to the redlight district: $8.50
Browsing around with your digital camera: no comment
Taking a picture while three ladies of the right show their valuable goods:

Naked at bar 02

Drunk woman naked at bar

Weekend trip to mountains: $300
Small hole-in-the-wall bar: no comment
Digital Camera: $400
Enough drinks to get your girlfriend drunk: $40
Getting a great smile as she strips and the locals at the bar miss the show:

Naked at bar 01

Naked woman at the bar

Cover charge: $7
New watch: $125
Vodka tonic: $6.75
Trying to get served Vodka tonic nude at bar:

Naked at after baseball match party

Naked and drunk on after baseball match party

An after saturday baseball match party: free entrance
7 beers: $1 each
smoke some marijuana: $6 per joint
forgot your short-stop has always his digital camera, and your 1st baseman knows this website:

Naked women tied up

Three naked women tied up

Taxi to pub: $10
Drinks: $60
Club entree fee: $5
Your Ex-Boyfriend playing a practical joke on you outside at 3 am:

Naked woman undressing

Woman undressing her trousers

Going for a camping trip in the wild forest of Canada: $112
Brand new Jeans: $39
Nice black shoes: $29
Nice panties: $0
Giving your little 7 year old son a new camera to click snaps of the scenery: $48
Your son clicking this nice snap of the beautiful scenic view of your bare ass:

Naked woman showing nipple rings

Woman showing her nipple rings

A “high maintainance” girlfriend: $$$
Dinner at your house: $40
Buying her new GOLD stud nipple rings: $100
Capturing the rings”perfect fit” and her happy smile: