on the beach

Drunk on the beach

Guy completely passed out drunk on the beach

A few beers in the sun: $12.00
A big lunch: $28.00
Bottle of sun block. $3.99
Remembering what your mum aid about swimming right after eating as your mates drag you out of the water:

Thong on the beach 01

Man lying on the beach in a thong

Flight to miami: 220 dollars
Hotel on south beach: 225 dollars per night
coppertone 30: 10 dollars
Seeing the locals hanging out int the infamous “south beach thong”:

there are some things that money can’t buy… and others you would never want to

Spectator on the beach

Spectator wanking while looking at a topless woman on the beach

Vacation in Belize with your friends: $695
Cobalt blue thong that doesn’t quite cover your untrimmed beaver: $25
SPF #8 tanning oil: $8
Pic of you asleep on the beach, helping some horny old bastard rediscover the meaning of life while your friends are off swimming:

Sex on the beach 03

Couple having sex on the beach in Thailand

Plane ticket from france to Thailand: $400
Entry to Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan: FREE
Bucket of Thai Sang Sum whiskey: $3
Getting chewed out on a crowded beach in broad daylight:

Sex on the beach 02

Couple having sex on the beach while beeing caught by a reporter

Plane tickets to Maui: $740.00
Condo on private beach: $1,200.00
Chateau LeFleur wine: $115.00
Thinking you’re alone while some asshole flying a news helicopter hits you with his spotlight as he’s doing a live feature story about sea turtles mating at night:

Showing titts at springbreak

Sexy girl flashes her titts

Summer trip to Florida alone: $124
Free tickets to a Wet T-Shirt Contest: $0
Getting the best possible welcome to Daytona Beach
when one of the sexy contestants starts to flash the
and you can click a snap so that your buddies
back in Utah will know you’re not lying:

Beach nudists

Woman trailing man on his penis

Airfare to St. Marteen: $865
Nudist beach hotel per night: $185
You get caught doing some undertwater cave exploring with your trusty little snorkle
Come with me creep…