George Bush Shoe Attack

George Bush getting attacked by a journalist with his shoes

Years being President of the United States: not measurable
1 Trip to Iraq with Airforce One: $87,000
New suit: $1,285
Getting attacked by an iraqi journalist with his shoes and have to duck yourself not to be hit directly on your nose:

Bush’s Open-Door-Policy

George Bush with open trousers door

Salary as the U.S. president: $400,000
Wal-Mart suit: $129
Matching clip-on neck-tie: $5
Explaining to Regis all about you “Open-door-policy”:


Al Gore’s face after losing election

Al Gore losing election because of his stupid supporters

Haircut at the mall: $10
Suit off the rack: $300
Losing the presidential election because nineteen thousand of your supporters are too damed stupid to follow directions and fill out their ballots propperly:

Senator using wrong hand

Senator using wrong hand

Brooks Brothers Suit: $680
Political carreer to become Senate Democratic Leader: $20 Million
Using the wrong hand while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance: