Man boobs dancing



Hundreds of Big Mac’s: $4,285.95
Big regular coke to each Big Mac: $867
XXL-clothes: $12,895
Entry ticket to friends party: $7
Showing the world your man-boobs dancing: PRICELESS

Ugly dressed up gay



Make-up: $55
Lipstick: $28
Fake boobs: $12
Getting caught dressing like a queer and trying to deny it: priceless

Lucky weather at marriage


Marriage dress in size XXXXL: $590
Nice white flowers: $48.50
Rent for marriage-location next to Mosslake: $430 per day
Maybe not realising that the weather is the only NICE thing at this marriage:

Fat Women feeding each other

Two fat women sitting in the bed and feeding each other

New Underwear and Bras: $49
McDonalds Super Size Frys: $2
2 Quater Pounders: $4
Sodas: $1
Showing the world you are too big for even Victoria to keep “Secret”:

First place at All-You-Can-Eat

Three ugly fat women winning in an All-You-Can-Eat contest

Tickets to Las Vegas: $250 each
Hotel Accomodation: $599 each
Competition Entry. $100 each
Taking out first place in the All-You-Can-Eat competition:

Ugly: Man or Woman?

Ugly man or woman with tits but face like a man

A mesh singlet: $120
A few tattoos: $1700
Some blonde hair dye: $4.00
Having no-one know if you are a boy or girl:

Ugly in ball dress

Girl dressed up in a ball dress but still looking ugly

New ball dress: $300.00
Make up artist: $100.00
New hair-do: $90.00
Trying so hard to look attractive and failing miserably because you are a festy bitch:

Schoolgirl and Sailor

Sailor picks up a schoolgirl

School girl uniform and wig: $30
Blundstone work shoes: $80
5 Copper’s Sparkling Ale Longnecks: $23
Having your picture taken while being “picked-up” by a good-looking sailor and showing your arse crack, your flesh-coloured (sequined) G-String, and half your ball-bag:

Skid marks on shorts 03

Skid marks on your shorts

Trip to the hair salon: $75
Ankle bracelet: $30
White short shorts: $55
That ILL ADVISED burrito for lunch: $5
NASTY fecal stain on your shorts, front and center:

Ugly man taking shower

Ugly man taking shower

Pair of white undies: $11
Never giving your son extra pocket money: $0
Son smart enough always to carry a camera: $55
Taking this pic of him scratching his balls while taking a shower and then blackmailing him for extra cash:

Skid marks on shorts 02

Skid marks on shorts 02

Hotel room for one night: $55
Bottle of wine and case of beer: $40
Party flavours: $20
Getting your picture on the internet with skid marks on your underwear: