Tampon string visible in club



Girls night out

New mini skirt: $65
New boots: $120
Dinner: $30
Cover at the club: $10
Drinks for dancing with your girlfriend: free
Not making sure your tampon string is tucked: priceless

Tampon string visible 04

Visible tampon string under dancing womans skirt not wearing any panites

Short party skirt and shirt: $75
Hot thong: $25
Not wearing it: no comment
Showing that you are horny but forgetting that this hole is already filled:

Tampon string visible 03

Lifting dress and showing tampon string

Black dress: $50
City walk cover: $7
Drinks: $45
Getting so drunk you lift your dress to take a picture and forget you have a tampon in:

Tampon String visible 02

Visible tampon string under thong

Multiple Beers: $Free from friends
A few tokes of Cheebah: $Free from friends
Accepting the dare to flash your ass and realising that everybody can see your tampon string: