pissed pants

Drunk and pissed pants



Being so drunk you manage to lose control of your bodily functions: priceless


Drunk guy lying on the bathroom floor with pissed pants. He lost control after a night drinking so he did not feel he wet his pants.

Pissed pants after party night 01

Man pissed hi pants after party night because of hot water prank

A night out at the bars: $45
Dry cleaning bill for khakis: $17
Big hemp necklace: $12
Picture of your roommate proving that the old “hand in a bucket of warm water makes you piss your pants in your sleep” sent all over the internet:

Pissed pants three times

Man pissing his pants three times

Night club entrance fee: $5,00
5 pints of fosters: $12,50
1 bottle of alcopops: $1,75
1 burger on the way home: $2,50
Pissing yourself 3 times and having it plastered around the internet: