no panties

No panty at cafe



Cup of coffee in the local cafe: $5
Hair extensions, braids and beads: $35
Opening your legs a bit too far without your panties on: priceless

No panties at Burger King

Woman sitting in Burger King restaurant with no panties

New Digital Camera: $400
Trip to Burger King for lunch: $4
Getting a photo of lady leaving: no comment
Finding she flashed the “Filet-O-Fish Sandwich as she left:


No panty at Wendys

Woman eating at Wendys spreading her legs showing that she is not wearing pantys under her skirt

Quick trip to Wendys: no comment
Burger, frys, soda: $4
Cute “School girl” outfit: $100
Showing something else that is served “Hot and Juicy” at Wendys:

No panty in school

Girl sitting in school without panties

Tuition for the year: $1812.39
Books and supplies: $534.28
Cute short skirt at “The Gap”: $27.50
Panties: $0
A++ from horny teacher:

No panty for the limbo queen

Priceless No Panty 01

Diner & dance at the “BIG” Company X-mas party: $n/c
Bottle of Wine before the function to “Loosen up a little“: $17.00
Price for beeing the limbo queen: $50.0
Picture of you displaying your “Special Talent” all over the free world: