Man boobs dancing



Hundreds of Big Mac’s: $4,285.95
Big regular coke to each Big Mac: $867
XXL-clothes: $12,895
Entry ticket to friends party: $7
Showing the world your man-boobs dancing: PRICELESS

Fat Women feeding each other

Two fat women sitting in the bed and feeding each other

New Underwear and Bras: $49
McDonalds Super Size Frys: $2
2 Quater Pounders: $4
Sodas: $1
Showing the world you are too big for even Victoria to keep “Secret”:

First place at All-You-Can-Eat

Three ugly fat women winning in an All-You-Can-Eat contest

Tickets to Las Vegas: $250 each
Hotel Accomodation: $599 each
Competition Entry. $100 each
Taking out first place in the All-You-Can-Eat competition: