Stupid VW Golf GTI presentation at Woerthersee Austria

Graduation at secondary school: free
Spending time with friends and not learning for exams: no comment
Job at McDonalds where you clean the tables: little earnings
Investing all your earned money in your stupid VW Golf GTI: $98,375.00
Realising that you should have learned better english than investing time and money in your car: no comment
Not beeing able to present your car facts to some foreign tv show reporter and blaming yourself:

PS: sorry for that, but it’s not a VW Golf GTi, but a VW Corrado

Stupid Microsoft presentation

Microsoft presentation done with an Apple MacBook Pro

Powerpoint license: $99
Video projector: $499
booking hall for 250 people for business leadership conference: $7,985
forgot to cover apple logo on new macbook which is showing the powerpoint presentation: