Pamela Anderson’s tit falling out

Pamela Anderson has her tit falling out of her nice red dress

Plastic surgery to supersize your tits: $18,950
Blonde hair dye: $78.95
Nice Valentino dress from newest spring collection: $8,450
Showing the whole world your nipple after your big manipulatet tit jumps out of the cleavage, because your breasts are simply to big for it:

Al Gore’s face after losing election

Al Gore losing election because of his stupid supporters

Haircut at the mall: $10
Suit off the rack: $300
Losing the presidential election because nineteen thousand of your supporters are too damed stupid to follow directions and fill out their ballots propperly:

Stupid workers load digger at truck

Excavator for local street construction set: $18.795
Volvo Truck for carrying the digger: $45.950
Ramp for load excavator onto the truck: $745
Forgetting it: stupid and no comment
Giving the observers of the road work an incredible view of loading the on the truck:

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